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What is parenting?

When we become parents for the first time, there is no official parenting manual issued. Each of us learns on the job, and each of us makes our own mistakes. A lot of the time we parent in relation to how we were parented. This course will help you better understand the parenting choices you make, and the consequences they have on your family.

How does this course help?

The first thing we do on this course is to dispel the notion that good parenting is a mystery. Just like any other skill, great parenting skills can be learned and practiced until they become an integral part of your life.

Our parenting course is designed to encourage parents, or anyone working with children, to reflect upon the impact their parenting can have on their children, and how you can become more emotionally attuned to what they need from you.

It’s also about reflecting on the words we use and the way we communicate. Sometimes what we don’t say – when we fail to validate our children’s choices – can have more impact than what we do say.

We’ll cover everything from how you communicate to how you set boundaries for your children as they get older.

What can you expect from the course?

We can run this course for individuals or in groups. This is a 1-day course, and because we adapt the core content to suit the audience, you’ll always get a bespoke version of the course. If we think it’s going to be helpful and appropriate, we may recommend follow-up counselling sessions.

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    “A big part of this course is about helping you recognise what’s happening in your own head when you deal with your children, and reflecting on how it will impact on them.”

    Richard Reid – CEO, Therapist & Coaching Psychologist