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Coaching tends to be done one-to-one or in very small groups, and can be a really effective problem-solver. We have a proven track record of successful coaching and intervention across a range of areas.

Be the best you in interviews

Your child might be going for an important presentation or interview. Maybe it’s for a coveted internship, university or college place, or first job. We can help give them an edge: a practical set of skills that they can use to tip the odds in their favour by simply being themselves.

How do you use your voice, body language, actual language to make a great first impression? We respond well to people who know how to do it, even if we don’t understand what is creating our positive response.

We’ll coach you so that you can learn those skills and when to use them. We’ll also show you how to find out if you’re making a great impression, and how to manage your nerves to make sure that you’re being authentically ‘you’.


Beat those exam nerves

Plenty of students suffer from exam anxiety, whether it’s teenagers sitting their GCSEs or A-levels, or older students sitting bar exams or working through professional qualifications in their early careers.

Nerves get the better of these anxious students, and they end up failing exams that they should sail through. Sometimes early poor performance can set a template for failure that becomes self-fulfilling, and their mastery of a subject deserts them in the exam room.

Coaching can help your child understand how to calm that inner voice and master their anxiety so that they can get the results that their hard work merits.

Present like a pro

Being able to stand up in front of a room of people and hold their attention while we present to them is a life skill that most of us weren’t – and still aren’t – taught. Which is a shame, because ultimately being able to present yourself – and your subject, whatever it is – is a key skill for plenty of careers.

We’re simply expected to pick it up, and partly as a consequence it’s fair to say that ‘public speaking’ is right up there on the list of things that most adults enjoy least.

Some of us are good at presenting but hate every second of it. We can help you understand what’s going on mentally and emotionally when you stand up, and how to master those feelings so that it feels like less of “a performance” and more like an extension of your natural personality.


Mending relationships

Where there are issues within a family, or between a school and a pupil (and their parents), our mediation experts can help. We can provide you with a skilled mediator to help everyone air their concerns and grievances, and ultimately find a resolution.

This is particularly effective when relations might be breaking down between a school and one of their families, whether it’s because of actions by a pupil or the teaching staff. How do you bring all the parties back together in a way that works for everyone?