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What is charisma?

Do you ever wish you could give your children the gift of confidence? So they’d be able to show the best version of themselves (that you know is in there because you see it at home), and bring out the best response in the people they deal with? This course can help them.

How does this charisma course help?

Rather than see it as a purely natural gift that’s magically imbued to some but not to others, we see charisma as a skill like any other: a set of simple, practical techniques and behaviours that can be learned and used in your everyday life. This course will teach your child these basic behaviours and help transform the way they communicate.

Charisma can help your child unlock their potential and make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead of them. Whether it’s a school or university interview, internship or job interview, this course can teach you how to form instant relationships and make a brilliant first impression.

Most importantly it will help your child feel free to be themselves – their natural best self – rather than be a slave to nerves or someone else’s expectations.

What can you expect from the course?

We can run this course for individuals or in groups. This is a 1-day course, and because we adapt the core content to suit the audience, it’s suitable for younger children aged 9 and 10 years upwards. We’d recommend children attend with their parents, not least because you can then discuss what you’ve learned with them (children aged 15 and older are welcome to attend on their own). If we think it’s going to be helpful and appropriate, we may recommend follow-up coaching sessions.

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    “Lots of people think of charisma as a hazily ill-defined superpower. They couldn’t describe it but they “know it when they see it”. Instead, at Pinnacle we believe that charisma is something that can be taught – to anyone.”

    Richard Reid – CEO, Therapist & Coaching Psychologist