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Art therapy

Art therapy

What is art therapy?

Art therapy is pretty similar to play therapy, using art to help uncover what is going on in someone’s mind. It works with all ages, from young children to adults but like play therapy this form of treatment lends itself to treating smaller children, because their cognitive ability isn’t yet at the right level to be able to benefit from counselling. If you don’t have the words to describe how you feel, this can be a really helpful form of therapy.

How does art therapy help?

It eases children into therapy, particularly those who might have been through a tough set of circumstances. Like play therapy, art can be a really effective channel for helping with trauma, as well as with issues in the family like anxiety and depression.

We will also use creative writing as a tool if we think that will help address an issue from a safe distance. We create stories around our experiences, and creative writing can be a way to reframe what’s happening to us and see it from a different angle.

What can you expect from a session?

Generally you’ll come to us, but we can come to you if that’s easier – all we need is a private space in which to work.

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    “Sometimes children just don’t have the words to express how they feel. That’s where art therapy can help, unlocking a way to communicate what’s inside without the children feeling like they are under the microscope.”

    Richard Reid – CEO, Therapist & Coaching Psychologist